• Nkanga
  • Photographer
  • Filmmaker

Emily nkanga

Quiet Exhaustion
November 15, 2020

2020 has been a year of intense emotions. The world slowed down for a bit and I thought I could breathe, then almost too quickly, the pace picked up again. Quiet Exhaustion explores tiredness. A process of self discovery and expression, it examines the physical and psychological emotions constant fatigue may bring by creating a space that feels uncomfortable and exhausting.  Enforced with the use of black and white as a simple and quiet approach,...

Àwọn Obinrin (The Woman)
November 20, 2019

  “You need to straighten your hair a little bit more. Are you sure you don’t want to put less make up. Isn’t it too hot underneath all of that clothing? I think you should wear something different. You have to smile else they will be offended.” Oh yeah, let’s not forget the labels “she’s a tomboy”. Women's identity in West Africa is something that has always intrigued me as I have thought people should be free to...

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